The Benefits of Rugged Mobile Computing for Utility Field Service Workers

Getac Field ServiceWhen you have employees out in the field, whether they are utility field service workers, technicians, or some other position, you need to offer rugged mobile computing. This allows you to increase productivity, protect financial investments, and provide your employees with more information at their fingertips.

Increase Productivity

Your field service workers are expected to do a significant amount of work. If you don't give them rugged mobile computing devices, you are going to run into an array of problems. If they have standard tablets out in the field, they are going to break down at one point or another. This could cause a complete standstill in their ability to make repairs, upgrades, and complete various work orders.

If you provide them with rugged mobile tablets, you can increase productivity by giving them more data. You also have the ability to enhance first time fix rates, which might be a current point of contention with your customers.

Your technicians might not be working as productively as they should. This could be because they don't have access to information, they are forced to write everything else by hand, and if they don't have access to something, they have to close up, return to the office, and then go back out to the location.

By connecting them, you enhance communications and ensure that they have more information at their fingertips.

Protect Financial Investments

You have a bottom line that needs to be protected, and this means protecting financial investments at the same time. Whether you currently use a BYOB approach within your operations or you give your technicians basic mobile devices, you run the risk of losing a significant amount of money.

With a BYOB approach, you don't know what kind of security is in place. Employees are bringing their own devices to use, and therefore you can experience a mobile data breach that could set you back thousands or even millions of dollars.

If you are using basic mobile devices that are not rugged, there are likely breaking several times throughout the year. This increases the cost of replacement significantly – and this is money you likely don't have available to you.

You have to be smart about the devices that you are giving your technicians, and this means taking the time to learn about the environment that the tablets are being exposed to. The moment you ruggedize the devices, you begin to protect your investments considerably.

Provide More Data

There are all sorts of reasons for utility field service workers and technicians to have access to rugged mobile computing. Whether they are part of an electric company, gas company, or another utility, you have to assume that they are going to need access to various forms of data.

They would need the ability to access work orders, customer accounts, and more. All of the information would be entered in real time, minimizing the need to do more in the home office. Further, you eliminate a significant amount of human error as a result of eliminating the paper trail.

Delays in work order completion are often as a result of not having enough information. You will be able to provide your employees all of the data they need, and enhance customer satisfaction at the same time. 

You have the opportunity to benefit significantly from rugged mobile computing, and your utility field service workers and technicians will enjoy having better technology in their hands so that they can do a better job for each and every one of your customers. Getac’s featured tablets for utilities and field service workers include:

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