Getac Rugged Mobile Computing for Transportation & Logistics

Customers rarely see what happens to make sure stores are stocked and goods get to the right destination. Transportation and Logistics specialists move valuable products and people where they need to go. This means mobilizing highly complex and integrated logistical tasks efficiently, whether it be by plane, truck, train, or forklift.Transportation and logistics call for specific technologies.

Rugged Mobile Computing for Transportation & Logistics

Make sure each step in the transportation and logistics process uses suitable rugged technology.

Air Travel

No industry gets criticized more than airlines for late arrivals or poorly organized coordination. Having the right technology can help avoid delays--whether they be caused by natural phenomenon or by human error--associated with air travel and air cargo transport. Your air travel mobile technology needs to be dependable at high altitude and able to function with extreme temperature changes. In addition, you'll have a hard time finding computer and mobile repair shops at 50,000 feet, so you'll want reliability. Rugged, fully featured mobile technology offers the best protection for your data, and the best guarantee against delay for cargo and passenger-related mobile workflows between landing and takeoff.

Train Travel

 Nobody needs to remind railroad workers the need for ruggedness. And if your mobile technology doesn't share the ruggedness of the industry, then that mobile technology will soon be derailed. Rugged laptops, tablets, and other mobile technologies make the complex logistics of railroad operations safer, simpler, and smoother--regardless of what stage of the transportation and logistics process you find yourself. For life on the railroad, your mobile technology will need 4G LTE communication, long battery life, precise GPS tracking, and sunlight-readable displays, so railroad personnel can keep abreast of important transportation developments, regardless of weather.

In the Warehouse

Customers don't want to wait. The longer it takes you to get products from the warehouse into the hands of a customer, the higher the chances he or she buys from a competitor. Warehouse operations require real-time inventory updates. Warehouse operations require the smooth transference of goods from warehouse to store. At times, warehouse operations need to send the right people to the right location, right away. Warehouse operations require the right, rugged mobile technology, technology that provides real-time data for inventory management, asset tracking, and inbound and outbound logistics efforts. And this technology better withstand the roughness associated with warehouse work because none of that technology will do you any good if it can't withstand the dust, the dirt, and the occasional drop.


Although getting the right products from the warehouse to one or two stores in a smooth, efficient manner takes skill, cleverness, and good technology, distributing goods to multiple stores becomes exponentially more complicated. And the mobile technology requirements become exponentially more sophisticated and rugged. When you need to grab and pack orders fast and get them loaded on the forklift or into the truck waiting at the warehouse bay, you better make sure you load the right stack in the right order without delay. This requires the right rugged mobile technology. You need a rugged mobile computer that can do more than a standard laptop or tablet. You need something that you can control from the palm of your hand, the console of a forklift, or the docking station at the transport door. And if you think it doesn't need to be rugged, you haven't been in distribution very long.

Solving Your Rugged Mobile Technology Needs

When it comes to mobile computing for transportation and logistics, you need devices as rugged as the people who make a living doing rugged things. Getac's featured rugged computers for transportation and logistics workers include:

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