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A rugged tablet PC is different from a rugged laptop in two primary ways. One, rugged tablets do not have a built-in keyboard; they always have a touch-screen display for input and moving the cursor. And secondly, rugged tablets do not have a built-in media drive such as a floppy, CD or DVD drive. Rugged Tablet PCs are designed to be lightweight and carried in one hand. Rugged tablets are thus easier to use and handle than a rugged laptop which normally requires a surface to set the computer down while in use.

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  • Tablet and Convertible Differences

    Convertible devices offer end users the option of a conventional format with screen and keyboard. The tablet category is a self-contained unit that provides the user with greater portability via an onscreen touch, swipe and keyboard interface. Tablets are highly mobile and easy to manage, but their form factor may provide usability limitations for certain end-users that prefer full screen access and a conventional keyboard.

    A convertible device can provide the best of both worlds with the ability to detach the full keyboard and work with just the tablet section. Making the choice between tablets and convertibles is based on a set of variables that are determined by the user. These variables to be considered include a combination of user experience, environment, and usage needs.

    Tablets and Convertibles to meet Every Need

    The ShopGetac line of tablets and convertibles provides users with a broad selection of devices that boast standard configurations that deliver everything any user needs. These differing models also provide a host of options to meet specific needs across users, sectors and environments. Several of our tablets and convertibles are purpose built for specific sectors and uses like healthcare and field service.

    Semi and fully rugged models are also available to meet other specific environmental and durability parameters. Whatever your need, ShopGetac has the right tablet, convertible, Two in One, Android, or Windows OS-device to get the job done today and tomorrow.