Growing demand for transparent customer service (i.e. tracking a package), faster delivery times, and quicker in-store product restocking has made retail an ideal industry for utilizing the supply chain efficiency power of rugged mobile technology. From the production floor to the warehouse and all the way to the final retail environment, rugged tablets, scanners, printers, and handhelds improve efficiency within every aspect of the supply chain. This technology will provide greater insight for managers and business owners into how much product is being moved and where there’s room for more streamlined organization.

Rugged mobile technology provides solutions for common challenges faced in retail environments, like flawlessly managing inventory, by making it easy for employees to read even the most damaged barcodes and log the receipt of product shipments. It also bolsters customer service by allowing customers to more accurately track where their product is in the delivery cycle, or by allowing an employee to instantly determine whether or not a specific product a customer is looking for is available in store. Group Mobile provides the retail industry with customized solutions for every business’ needs.

Top Features

– Barcode and RFID scanning
– The capacity to continuously run vital applications
– Easy-to-use and learn across all teams
– Extended battery life
– Advanced touch screen capabilities
– Seamless connectivity