There's been an increasing need within the healthcare industry for technology suited to the unique situations industry professionals face. EMS providers and travel nurses, for instance, need technology with vibration and drop protection. Healthcare computers, also known as Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCA), are designed specifically for use by clinicians across healthcare environments. Medical-grade computers are durable and made from easily sanitized, antimicrobial materials. They're also lightweight and offer advanced ergonomics, such as built-in carry handles and straps.

Beyond equipping healthcare professionals with technology sure to withstand spills, drops, and other unavoidable accidents, it's also imperative that the technology actually aides professionals in providing the best healthcare possible. Most MCAs offer integrated features essential to enhancing productivity and improving patient care in hospitals and other medical facilities. Common integrated features include built-in cameras, RFID readers, fingerprint readers, barcode readers, as well wireless options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gobi 3G, and GPS. These features provide solutions to common healthcare obstacles.

Top Features

– Lightweight and ergonomic design
– Expanded inputs
    – Built-in cameras
    – RFID readers
    – Fingerprint readers
    – Barcode readers
– Seamless connectivity
    – Wi-Fi
    – Bluetooth
    – Gobi 3G
    – GPS
– Advanced battery life