What Device is Right for You

Choosing the right rugged industrial tablet is dependent on several factors that the end-user must weigh equally.

Environmental Factors and Classifications

The environment where you will use your rugged industrial tablet is a primary consideration that can vary by sectors and industries. Since the best rugged computers are designed for a wide range of environments they are often divided into ultra-rugged and semi-rugged categories for more targeted user-need selection.

Form Factor

Choosing the right form factor can depend on a combination of usage needs, environment, and even preference. Your choice of a rugged laptop or tablet may depend on screen size needs, portability, size, and weight among others. At ShopGetac, we provide a wide selection of form factors to meet both general and highly specific needs of end users.

Operating System

Android and Windows operating systems are chosen by most users seeking a rugged industrial tablet due to their compatibility with the broadest number of applications and software.


Some rugged tablet and laptop categories available through ShopGetac are purpose designed with specifications to meet the needs of different industries and environments. Other categories and models provide a high level of options in terms of everything from memory, processors and RAM to camera, display, battery, expansion, connectivity and beyond.


IP (Ingress Protection) ratings as well as classifications such as the military standard MIL-STD-810G provide protection levels from dust and submersion, shock handling, extreme temperature, and high-altitude operations among others.

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