Semi Rugged Tablets


Semi-rugged tablets are less durable than fully rugged tablet PCs. They offer resistance from bumps and scrapes, as well as dust and water, but are not fully sealed. Semi-rugged tablets also provide some basic vibration protection.

Semi-Rugged Tablets for the Mobile Workforce

Semi-rugged tablets provide a combination of rugged features and design with the portability and lightness that many field service personnel need in and outside of service vehicles. Warehouse personnel and those active in supply chain functionality are just two of the many sectors that need versatile and responsive computing in a wide variety of user scenarios. These and other sectors need semi-rugged tablets that are easy to use when they’re mobile. That means light and thin form factors that can still take the vibrations and knocks that happen in the real world.

Versatile, Agile, and Resilient

Inspections, inventory counts, and strong wireless connectivity must work seamlessly with data input/searches and application access. This includes broad interconnectivity and mounting options as well as optional barcode, RFID, GPS and other functions. ShopGetac semi-rugged tablets never compromise the user experience. That’s why the entire line delivers the options for processing power, connectivity, big screens and battery life needed by a mobile workforce in field service environments.