RuggON Accessories

  • The RuggON Rextorm PX-501B fully rugged Windows tablet facilitates mobile workers to perform tasks regardless of environmental conditions. Providing unrivaled durability, extreme power and versatility, the RuggON PX-501B rugged tablet delivers an exceptional viewing and handling performance for many various industries. The RuggON Rextorm PX-501B is powered by Intel’s latest 5th Generation Core i5 processors (5350U) with Intel Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.9GHz for exceptional performance.

  • The RuggON VM-521 ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer offers best-in-class ruggedness and functionality — designed from the ground up as a vehicle mount system, this tablet is built like a tank. The RuggON 10.4″ ultra-rugged vehicle computer is run on the E3840 Platform from Intel’s Bay Trail-I Series which provides good computation, graphical and media performance.

  • The RuggON PM-521 Rextorm fully rugged tablet platform is ideal for industries such as enterprise, industrial, and field service verticals. The PM-521 tablet is an impressively rugged solution for field data capture and communication deployments via a large selection of add-on and snap-on modules.

  • The RuggON PM-311B 7” fully rugged Windows tablet is purpose-built with a high-performance fingerprint reader, MRZ reader and multiple security functions, providing a high level of security for public safety needs. In terms of size and weight, the tough looking PM-311B—designed primarily for law enforcement and similar deployments—measures a compact 8.9 x 6.6 inches and is just over an inch thick and a manageable two pounds.