Wireless Site Survey

Wireless Site Survey
If slow wireless networks, regular outages, or lost signals plague your work center, then a wireless site survey from GroupMobile is just what you need. Our certified experts will come to your location and conduct a thorough propagation analysis of your wireless coverage, taking into account your current and future requirements. We will document our findings into a detailed report and share how we can help you customize your network for more integrated, secure, and comprehensive wireless access to the information you require for your business.
This service includes:
    Requirements Session: In an initial discovery session, we work with you and your technology team to come up-to-speed on your networking requirements. Throughput, coverage, ergonomics, schedules, shifts, usage patterns, and device capabilities are all conveyed during this session to provide a clear understanding of your information needs.
    On-Site Study: Taking into account the information needs gathered during the requirements session, our certified experts will come to your location(s) to conduct on-site analysis of networking solutions. Signal strength measurements will be taken and recorded for a detailed propagation analysis report of findings.
    Troubleshooting: A closer examination of findings to help isolate and troubleshoot problem areas will be conducted. Using information gathered during the on-site study, action will be taken to resolve any outstanding issues.
    Dead-Spot Resolution: Cavernous warehouse networks and product staging areas are given special treatment. The goal is to balance the network, providing seamless coverage throughout your entire work center.
    Network Enhancements: Once the on-site study, troubleshooting, and dead-spot resolution processes have been completed, network enhancements are added to future-proof your network investment.
    Documentation: Status reporting will be provided throughout the study and a final report of findings will be provided. Network diagrams, propagation maps, and final resolutions will be included in the report.