Rugged Mobile Computing for Oil and Gas Operations

Oil and GasOil and gas drilling locations are rough places to take electronic equipment. Companies work in climates from northern Alaska to burning deserts, and out at sea. The environments are often dirty and noisy, and vehicles roll over rough terrain.

Mobile computing devices have many uses in these situations. They aid with training, equipment inspection, process control, mapping, and inventory management. If they’re going to go where the work happens, they have to be able to take it.

  • Shock resistance. Devices in the field will get bumped and dropped. They shouldn’t break or stop working when that happens.
  • Vibration tolerance. Getting to sites on rough trails and working near drilling and blasting will constantly shake up devices, and they’ll fail from so much vibration unless they’re built for it.
  • Resistance to heat and cold. Drilling locations throw temperature extremes at people and devices. They need to keep working outdoors when it’s freezing cold or deadly hot, and to withstand thermal shocks when they leave climate-controlled offices.
  • Sealing against particle contamination. Dust gets into normal computing devices. When there’s a lot, it can block electrical contacts and interfere with cooling. When the environment is full of dust, the device needs to keep it out.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Hydrogen sulfide, salt water, and other corrosive chemicals shorten the life of a device that isn’t made to survive them. Devices in a drilling environment should withstand harsh substances.
  • Electrical safety. When flammable gases are in the air, an electrical discharge can set off an explosion. Devices taken into such an environment had better not spark.
  • Readability. The display on a field device needs to be easily readable even in direct sunlight. An ambient light sensor will let it adjust its brightness to current conditions.

In harsh drilling environments, rugged laptops and tablets will quickly pay for themselves in savings on repair and replacement. They’re versatile enough to go into places where consumer-grade devices couldn’t even be considered. Contact us today to discuss the rugged devices that will work best in your field operations.

Getac's featured rugged computers oil and gas drilling and refining include:

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