Speed, Performance and Portability in a Rugged Embedded Computer

Today’s rugged embedded computer must feature processor options built for speed and performance, advanced wireless capabilities that ensure reliability, and a light and small form factor. That’s because these embedded computers are often connected to complex systems requiring advanced functionality in the field under extreme conditions.

The Getac line of rugged laptops, notebooks, and convertibles available through ShopGetac combine state-of-the-art technology, performance, and expandability into a compact, extremely rugged bottom-up design. Each rugged laptop is built to excel in mission-critical applications in highly changeable environments.

Integrated Expandability Options

A rugged embedded computer often acts as the core mobile device connected to complex systems. That requires an ability to integrate an expanded list of functionalities for today’s professional working in the field.

Just a few of those integrated features might include multimedia drive bays, optional second hard disk drive or solid-state drive to operate as a RAID system. Providing visual data back to cloud storage or network systems might also require integrated cameras or VGA ports as well as smart card readers and much more.

Every rugged embedded computer in the ShopGetac line is built for the highest levels of performance, flexibility, security, and durability in a form factor that is extremely thin and light. Anywhere, any time, and without fail, the ShopGetac line of rugged imbedded computers helps your field personnel deliver results under any conditions.

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