Rugged Handhelds

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Why buy a rugged handheld computer and not a consumer-grade device? We feel the most important factor is overall cost — who doesn’t like to save money! Getting total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible requires organizations to deploy devices that will lead to maximum reliability and productivity in their work environment. Consumer-grade devices often don’t last a year when deployed to support mobile operations resulting in extremely high failure rates not to mention large repair, maintenance, and replacement costs. At the other end, ruggedized mobile computers routinely last four years or more even in challenging industrial environments.

A rugged handheld computer is now essential to many industries and work environments where a commercial handheld device cannot measure up. Application versatility is paramount, so commercial and ruggedized mobile handheld computers share two of the most accepted operating systems in Windows and Android.

Rugged Handhelds vs Commercial Handhelds

Unlike commercial handhelds, Rugged versions are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The ShopGetac line of rugged handhelds are designed to meet one or both military grade MIL-STD-810G standard and IS65 ratings for drop, impact, vibration and shock resistance as well as dust and water infiltration.

A rugged handheld computer can continue to operate at peak efficiency in a wide range of weather and extreme temperatures unlike most commercial handhelds. Some rugged handhelds are built for operation in environments where volatile gases and compounds could lead to combustion dangers with commercial handheld computers.

Rugged handheld computers can operate in the harshest environments while never compromising the user experience. That’s why touchscreens and keyboards are designed for use in wet, dusty, bright or dark environments. A rugged handheld computer also brings broad interconnectivity, storage, battery, and processor choices. This combination of features and build from the embedded circuit board up makes them the reliable, versatile, and user-friendly choice for operation in the field in the digital age.