Barcode Scanners

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Barcode technology can be found in every industry and sector where asset tracking is crucial to smooth operations. These assets are mobile, so businesses need rugged tablets with barcode scanner capabilities in highly mobile form factors to keep track of everything.

There are two primary types of barcodes today known as linear (often referred to as 1D), and 2D barcodes. The linear barcode, which uses vertical lines that are read as text information by the reader, are the most prevalent. 2D barcodes use a series of tightly packed vertical and horizontal graphic elements that provide the data information to the scanner.

ShopGetac Rugged Tablets with Barcode Scanner

 Today’s rugged tablets with barcode scanner capabilities must be able to read one or both types of these codes. Getac models can come with optional or integrated 1D and 2D barcode scanners via the following Getac rugged devices:

Getac A140 fully rugged tablet

Getac RX10 Field Service tablet

Getac RX10H for healthcare environments

Getac T800.

There are also expansion port options for 1D and 2D scanners with the Getac F110 and factory integrated 2D LED or Laser Barcode Scanners with the Getac ZX70 purpose designed for customer service applications.

Our Getac line of rugged tablets with barcode scanner integration or add-on option are designed to get the job done anywhere, anytime, all the time. They do this by providing the high quality, agility, speed, and functionality you expect from every Getac rugged device.