Fully Rugged Tablets


From use in areas with hazardous chemicals and IP65 standards for durability and protection to medical grade features and designs and field service designs, GroupMobile’s range of Getac fully rugged tablets are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industry, task and environmental users. Many sectors have traditionally felt that a cheap rugged laptop will bring cost efficiency while meeting the needs for portability, reliability, versatility, speed, and ruggedness.

The truth is that resilient and impenetrable form factor designs with internal components, needed UX parameters and purpose-built designs of a rugged tablet PC is in a whole different league. But those non-negotiable standards like IP65 durability and protection standards and a wealth 0f user and connectivity options can bring a lower TCO over a much longer usable and adaptable product lifecycle.

A rugged tablet PC is different from a rugged laptop in two primary ways. One, rugged tablets do not have a built-in keyboard; they always have a touch-screen display for input and moving the cursor. And secondly, rugged tablets do not have a built-in media drive such as a floppy, CD or DVD drive. Rugged Tablet PCs are designed to be lightweight and carried in one hand. Rugged tablets are thus easier to use and handle than a rugged laptop which normally requires a surface to set the computer down while in use.

Fully rugged tablets have been designed from the ground up for use in outdoor, dusty, or mobile conditions. Every component, and even the placement of those components, has been carefully considered. Fully rugged tablets can handle a spray of water from any direction due to their "sealed nature". This sealing also keeps out dust, dirt, sand, salt, moisture, heat, and cold. Also, rugged computers often come with display screens that can be viewed in outdoor lighting conditions.