Android Tablets

ShopGetac for a rugged Android Tablet Inside and Out

The Getac ZX70 fully rugged android tablet from ShopGetac is far more than just a commercial tablet placed within an outer rugged case. Each one is designed to provide the features and the build from the internal components to the outer form factor to meet mission-critical needs for mobile workers in any environment.

Integrated Features and Functionality

A rugged android device for field and customer service applications must be capable of diverse integrated functionality and use with complex applications. It must also provide varying degrees of customization to meet specialized feature needs.

For rugged devices, android operating systems ensure that they are compatible with the widest number of applications and users in ways that ensure reliability and intuitive use. For a rugged tablet PC, Android OS and Microsoft Windows application compatibility make for a universally understood productivity and collaboration experience for users.

Peak Performance and Long Life in a Rugged Android Tablet

The total cost of ownership of a rugged PC must minimize the need for IT oversight, repair/replacement, and downtime. Commercial tablets cannot last under constant use in harsher environments. The Getac ZX70 fully rugged Android tablet from ShopGetac is designed with components, security features and overall warranties that assure you they will perform as expected for years to come.

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