ShopGetac: Rugged Devices Manufacturer & Supplier

As a leading supplier of some of the most battle tested rugged devices available, ShopGetac has chosen a diverse line of Getac tablets and notebook computers to meet the needs of users across numerous sectors.

Rugged Devices Designed for Connectivity, Speed and Agility

Leading manufacturers like Getac design their mobility solutions for challenging environments. Our line includes rugged devices that provide reliable wireless connectivity with 4G Gobi WWANs and Passthrough Antenna to meet a variety of needs. These and other features ensure users can connect to data and applications everywhere they go. You can also choose from the latest processors, screen, and keyboard options while having access to extensive I/O ports and many other needed features.

Varied Options to Meet Specific Needs

The ShopGetac line of rugged devices includes tablets, two-in-one, convertibles, notebook computers, and laptops. They’re all purpose built for sectors like healthcare, manufacturing field service, military and others.

At ShopGetac, we understand that usage needs differ within sectors as well as across sectors where demand is high for intuitive use, flawless performance, small form factors, and relevant features. As a leading Getac supplier, we can deliver a high level of customization to meet specific needs such as RFID and barcode scanners, and GPS navigation. The list continues with hot-swappable batteries, processor and screen options, specialized docking mounts, and much more.

Security and Identity Access Management

In most sectors, data security and identity access management are crucial to protecting personal data. At ShopGetac, our line of rugged devices can include advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, smartcard readers, and fingerprint scanner options to meet those needs in any environment.

Browse our selection of Getac rugged devices to find just the right one for your needs. You’ll see why they’re better, brighter, and stronger than other choices while being built to survive any environment.